Our diverse fleet of modern equipment allows us to handle projects ranging in size from small to very large cubic metre volumes. 

We have the capacity to take on large scale projects and are experienced in achieving fine tolerances of compaction, water permeability and a range of other technical criteria. Our work is often carried out under level 1 geotechnical supervision, including the construction of clay liners and embankments to stringent statutory requirements.


We work in all ground conditions from soft underfoot to solid rock.

We have the ability to work to tight tolerances in any conditions.

Bulk Earthwork Projects

NEPA - Grange Road

21 day/night Full Rail Occupation, Level Crossing Removal Grange Road, Alphington.

Works included: Stripping and loading of ballast, rail formation, capping and residual soils direct to road trucks for disposal; Removal and segregation for disposal of existing asphalt, kerb, concrete and footpath; Excavation and removal of CAT C in-situ material as per EPA guidelines; Excavation of solid rock cut and trimming of solid rock walls to design; Placement of geofabric on top of subgrade; Import and placement of 40mm & 20mm rock for capping layers; Compliance with Level 1 Geotechnical supervision; and Drainage installation works within the rail corridor.

Drysdale Landfill

Bulk out for new 440,000 m3 cell.

Works included Installation of clay liners, separation bunds and sideliners; Procurement, placement, MQA and CQA testing of geosynthetics; Installation of permanent drainage systems.

Lake Mokoan Channel

This was an environmentally and politically sensitive project requiring careful handling. The project covered over 12 kilometres and was water effected.

Works included; Demolition and disposal of existing drop structures and drain inlets; Excavation and cartage of spoil from stockpiles within the channel reserve for remodelling of the channel; Excavation of the existing channel banks to reduce the batter angle; Placement and compaction of excavation material in the bed and  banks to achieve the design lines and levels; Supply and construction of rock-fill cut-off walls and rock chutes; Soil amelioration; Grassing and native revegetation.