Max Bright & Sons Storage Lagoon projects are often networks of multiple storage and treatment lagoon systems with associated infrastructure included in our deliverables. Our work is always delivered to strict tolerances and follows complex and detailed plans. We maintain rigorous quality control to ensure compliance with plans and specifications.

We successfully apply the full range of complexity of impervious clay liners, geosynthetic clay liners, polyethylene liners and clay liner protection.

Storage Lagoon Projects


Construction of 465ML Colac Basin No. 5 which was delivered under the stringent OH&S, quality and environmental requirements of Barwon Water.

Works included placement of zoned fills (zone a and b materials), filtration layers and gravity support sections; Installation of numerous concrete structures (including an eleven meter high outlet structure); Installation of extensive DICL pipework and associated fittings ranging from 150-600mm diameter; Installation of a suspended steel gantry way and associated structural steel works; Placement of geosynthetics and lagoon rock lining; Completion of stringent geotechnical testing; and Electrical control work


Construction of 280 megalitre waste water storage lagoon for the Vic Urban Aurora project.

The project consisted of; Bulk earthworks in clay and hard rock; Rock excavated on site was re-used for embankment protection; Stripping and separately stockpiling of all topsoil from the storage site; Excavation of insitu clay material and insitu basalt rock; Construction of embankments, spreading of crushed rock, load cart and placement of 100mm clay liner; Construction of a crushed rock access road around the crest of the embankments; Construction of rock beaching with geotextile underlay; Installation of topsoil around the outside embankments; Creating of mounts north of existing extent of works and south of northern stockpile.


Construction of a series of 60ML waste water treatment lagoons in Ouyen.

Works consisted of; Bulk earthworks; Clay liner placed under Level 1 control; Pipework; Placement of geofabric and rock lining.

Works were constructed in drought conditions using dam insitu material requiring extensive moisture conditioning to achieve moisture and compaction requirements under Level 1 control.

Euroa Raw Water Storage Augmentation

Construction of a 300ML earthen storage lagoon, upgrade of a 560L lagoon to 700ML and new pumping station

Storage No. 2 (300 ML Storage) works included; Vegetation clearing and removal; Construction of all access tracks including concrete culverts and headwalls; Level 1 geotechnical supervision, testing and QA; Strip and stockpile topsoil; Cut storage to design lines and levels; Excavation, placement and compaction of select material into the embankment from stockpile or cut; Preparation and compaction of base of storage including placement of fill; Concrete encasement and sand filter for new inlet and outlet; Construction of an overflow pit and pipework to Storage No. 1; Construction of a concrete inlet channel; Install floating offtake; Install riprap and geotextile base; Placement of topsoil and hydromulch; Installation of permanent survey monitoring points, piezometer and chainage markers.

Replacement pump station works including; Power supply upgrade; Construction of a hardstand and elevated pad above flood level; Design and construction of a slab foundation and shed superstructure; Supply and installation of back pull-out pump sets; Construction of pipework and valves into and out of the pump station; Design and construction of electrical and control equipment including switchboard and VSDs; Design and construction of building electrical requirements including lighting, ventilation and power supply; Supply and installation of instrumentation (including flowmeter, pressure transmitter, pressure gauges, level switches and all associated instrumentation).

Pump station and inlet structure at Seven Creeks works including; Design and construction of a wet well pump station and cover slab; Supply and installation of submersible pump sets; Design and construction of a valve chamber; Construction of inlet pipework, discharge pipework and valves, a flow meter installation, a screened inlet from Seven Creeks, a hardstand;  Creek embankment protection works including rock beaching and sheet pile retaining wall; Design and construction of an elevated switchboard platform; Design and construction of electrical and control equipment including switchboard and VSDs.

Construction of inlet and outlet pipelines works including; Outlet pipe from No.1 Storage to the replacement pump station; Supply and install DN300 HDPE pipeline from Seven Creeks Pump Station to Storage No. 2 including air valves and scours; Construct cross connection to the existing DN250 DICL pipeline to/ from Mt Hut; Install DN300 HDPE outlet pipeline from Storage No. 2 to Storage No. 1 .