We are able to construct environmentally complex designs where the need to preserve flora and fauna requires sensitive construction methods working around identified habitat.

We are experienced in working under strict environmental controls and developing and following management plans for work in sensitive environments. We are similarly experienced in working to satisfy Environmental Protection Agency and various statutory/ local/ water authorities.

Project Management includes the management of water flows during work such as water diversions and silt and sediment control.


Our work includes the planning and construction of the entire project down to detailed landscaping works, top-dressing, planting, hydroseeding, rockwork, and related finishing works

Wetlands, Retarding Basins & Streamworks Projects

 Northpoint Stage 4B Wetland

Northpoint Enterprise Park, Cooper Street Stage 4B Wetland construction.

Works included; Topsoil stripping and stockpiling for later re-use; Excavation of in-situ materials to design levels, inclusive of over-excavation and placement of compacted clay liner materials; Excavation to subgrade levels within detention pond areas for placement of rock beaching; Sifting, resizing and sorting of spoil; Importing and placement of clay liner and fill materials; Placement of rock beaching and toe rocks; Installation of 300mm draw down line, wetland outlet ,draw down  and baffle pits; Installation of transfer pipes, inlet pits and gross pollutant trap; Re-topsoiling works and placement of Jutemaster jutematting; Installation cement treated maintenance access tracks

Mary St Wetlands

Construction of wetland including bulk earthworks and associated works.

Works included: Tree removal; Bulk earthworks including stripping of topsoil, trimming of wetland, clay lined sediment pond, interim bypass channel, control of pollution and sediment laden runoff, respreading of topsoil; Drainage including pipe, box culvert and pits; Rock riffle and rock beaching; Access track; and hydroseeding. Contract extended for landscaping works including jute mat, bird netting and planting of 84,668 plants.


Wetland construction including; Implementing environmental controls comprising of erosion protection, silt fence for water runoff, construction of drains and sedimentation dams; Disposal of all surface rock, vegetation, fences and rubbish; Stripping of topsoil; Disposal of excess material; excavation and compaction of clay liner; Erosion protecting; Crushed rock maintenance track; Concrete industrial driveways and weir; Rock beaching; Concrete sleeper walls; Drainage pipes, pits and end wall; Dewatering desludging and removal of contaminated material; Hydroseeding of site to ensure regrowth; Full site rehabilitation.

Berwick Waters

Construction of wetland and retarding basin including bulk earthworks, drainage, pipes and end walls, drawdown pit, rock filter walls and sedimentation pond base